Where your future puppy comes from is something every responsible puppy parent should be aware of.

All of our SUPERSTAR puppies come from highly qualified and reputable breeders from around the country. Each breeder we work with is licensed, registered, and USDA inspected with no direct violations on their inspection reports. We provide our breeders’ information with every puppy.

All of our puppies are up to date on their required vaccinations, keep in mind your vet may suggest more vaccinations and boosters as the puppy gets older. Puppies under 16 weeks may require additional vaccines at later stages; it can be unsafe to provide these all at once.

Yes, all of our puppies are microchipped before purchase. You will be given the opportunity to register it at the time of purchase. It is extremely important to register your puppy's microchip. If your puppy should ever become lost, there is a good chance that your puppy will be recovered if it has a registered microchip. In a pup’s lifetime, one out of three will become lost. Without enrollment registration and identification about ninety percent will not be recovered.

People who have allergies should consider pups that are hypoallergenic. Breeds to consider are: Bichon Frise, Maltese, Poodle or any Poodle Mix, Mini Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu.

Yes! All of our puppies find their forever home, most of our puppies find their homes within a week or two. Of course some puppies take longer than others, typically the older the puppy gets the cheaper they get which can be a perfect option for people on a tighter budget!

*Our offerings, values and screening processes are subject to change as we are constantly making improvements, see store manager for the latest offerings.


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