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Boxer puppies grow up to become medium-sized, square-built dogs of good substance with short backs, strong limbs, and short, tight-fitting coats. The Boxer’s well-developed muscles are clean, hard, and appear smooth under taut skin. Its movements denote energy while its gait is firm yet elastic. Its stride free and ground-covering while its carriage is proud. Developed to serve as a guard, working, and companion dog, the Boxer combines strength and agility with elegance and style. Its expression is alert and its temperament is steadfast and tractable.


The Boxer's family tree is traced to the Tibetan fighting dog that was bred with English Bulldogs and various French breeds to become the dog of today. A variation of the breed has been known since the 16th century.


The colors are fawn and brindle. Fawn shades vary from light tan to mahogany, white markings, black mask.



Instinctively a hearing guard dog, the Boxer is alert, dignified, and self-assured. With family and friends, its temperament is fundamentally playful, yet patient with children. Deliberate and wary with strangers, it will exhibit curiosity, but, most importantly, fearless courage if threatened. The Boxer responds promptly to friendly overtures honestly rendered. Its intelligence, loyal affection, and tractability to discipline make it a highly desirable companion.


Barks If Necessary


The puppy behavior information was sourced by consolidating various breed data found on the internet. Every puppy is unique and may have different behaviors


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